Waist Beads: Thousands of Years and Still in Style

Written By Yala Jewellery


Jaya Jaspal
01 December 2021

I’ve been wanting waist beads for the longest time, but as I am of South Asian descent, I chose to research the history and significance of waist beads in African culture before finally taking the plunge and buying some from Yala. I feel connected to their significance, as a form of waist beads is also worn in India, and because my dad was born in Nairobi, I felt it appropriate to buy waist beads made by Maasai people. I find the interwoven cultures of POC so fascinating, and I’m proud to have threads connecting me to both Africa and India :)

Salif Diarra
23 February 2021

I’m really excited about all the given information about waist beads. And want to still getting further information to enlighten the context. it’s a great job you’re doing.

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